Revitol Skin Tag Remover Review [Remove That Stubborn Skin Tag]

Revitol Skin Tag Remover Review [Remove That Stubborn Skin Tag]

Skin tags can be stubborn.

You finally think you’ve removed it, only for it grow back in the coming days.

It can easily cause a lack of confidence if it’s on your face or in a sensitive area.

Heck, just having a skin tag on your hand can make you feel lower self-esteem.

But we have good news…

There’s a simple way to remove skin tags for good to get that nasty little bump off of your body.

This is thanks to Revitol’s skin tag remover which we will be reviewing today.

It’s also recommended that you understand the ingredients, side effects, and other information about these products.

This is precisely why we are looking at all of these details and more ahead. Enjoy!

What is Revitol skin tag remover?

Revitol skin tag remover

Revitol is a skincare brand that produces products to help people restore their skin, remove wrinkles, reduce scarring, and more. We’ve reviewed several other products they’ve released you can read about here:

Today’s focus, however, is on their skin tag remover. It is a homeopathic natural remedy that uses its special blend of ingredients to make skin tags practically fall right off of the skin.

We’ll be touching on the active ingredients and the science behind them in a moment.

It’s a completely painless and quick process, too. There are no harsh chemicals found in their product and it works on all skin types. This means it doesn’t matter if you have overly dry, sensitive, or oily skin, this skin tag remover will work.

You don’t have to worry about scarring or any other defects, as well. It’s easily one of the safest, quickest, and most effective treatments for skin tags on the market.

Does Revitol skin tag remover work?

If you’re going to spend the money on a product like this, you want it to work, right?

Here are some testimonials you can see on the official Revitol site that speaks to the effectiveness of their product.

Revitol tag remover testimonials

The first testimonial is a good one to note. Leo mentions that he followed the instructions as recommended by Revitol and that his chest skin tag fell off without a scar and solved it at the root. This is very important because many people are afraid that removing a skin tag will cause a scar. You don’t have to worry about that with this product!

Revitol skin tag remover ingredients

What’s in Revitol skin tag remover to make it so great? Let’s take a look at each individual ingredient.


The thuja tree is a coniferous tree that offers many health benefits, particularly from its leaves or essential oil which made from them.

It has serious positive effects on warts, skin tags, and similar skin conditions. A scientific study researched Thujaoccidentalis in a case where a patient required amputation on a finger that had multiple malignant warts. They were able to successfully cure these warts on the patient’s fingers with white cedar tree extract.

There are many reasons why this tree’s extract is so effective. Firstly, it boosts the immune system which ultimately helps fight off illnesses and anything the body believes doesn’t belong, such as skin tags.

It is also capable of drying out and killing bacteria which skin tags have no shortage of. It’s not uncommon for skin tags to become infected and get worse over time, which this tree prevents to begin with while also slowly reducing its size.

Sunflower oil

The oil made from sunflowers has amazing health benefits which also help get rid of skin tags. Since it is full of vitamins A, C, D, and E, it boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and improves the overall condition of your skin.

Vitamin E also helps trap moisture in the skin which is a good bonus seeing as many products can dry out the skin when you’re trying to kill a skin tag. The antioxidants found this sunflower oil promotes the regeneration of new cells while preventing harmful bacteria from forming.

Tea tree oil

If there is a single essential oil that is relied on as an incredible skin remedy, it’s tea tree oil. Little do you may know that it isn’t related to tea, but rather comes from a special Australian plant. Despite this, it is one of the best ingredients for removing skin tags, hence why Revitol included it in their product.

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. All of these properties combine shrink skin tags, kill off any bacteria that helps them grow, and reduces redness.

There are many people that have reported huge success in terms of getting rid of their skin tags purely through tea tree oil, let alone all of the other effective ingredients in this product.

Sweet almond oil

As you could guess, this oil is derived from the superfood almonds. It is one of the most powerful homeopathic and natural remedies for health issues in the world. Besides reducing the size of skin tags, it also improves heart health, cholesterol levels, and dry skin.

It’s very safe for all skin types including babies. It absorbs into the skin very easily and can be combined with other essential oils to make a super powerful combination. It has many antioxidative properties that protect the skin and makes it softer.

One of the main ways it helps treat skin tags is by dislodging material found deeper in the skin, pores, and follicles. Since skin tags typically have deep roots, sweet almond oil helps get the bottom and push it out. You’ll typically notice that skin tags fall out whole and not in chunks because of this. They go a lot deeper into your skin than you may realize.

Soybean oil

The last ingredient Revitol’s skin tag remover product is soybean oil.

You really have to appreciate that this product contains all ingredients from nature. There are no harsh chemicals that leave marks or scars afterward compared to other products on the market.

This oil is extracted from soybeans and contains high amounts of vitamin E which is one the most beneficial vitamins for skincare. It helps to remove blemishes, reduce inflammation, and protect the skin from future conditions.

Where to buy Revitol skin tag remover

You can purchase Revitol’s skin tag remover from Amazon, physical retail stores that carry it, or you can buy it directly through the official Revitol website.

Revitol skin tag remover price

The price of this skin tag treatment is very reasonable as you can purchase one, three, or six months worth of product depending on your needs. It will cost as follows:

  • One month: $40
  • Three months: $120
  • Six months: $240

Many happy customers find that a single month worth of their product is enough to get rid of skin tags permanently. However, if you have recurring skin tags or many all over your body, it may be wise to consider ordering a larger amount.

How long does Revitol skin tag remover take to work?

The instructions that come with Revitol’s product state you should wait for one to two weeks before seeing results. Some individuals see changes much sooner or it may take a little longer.

However, a few weeks is still very fast when you consider how long you might’ve suffered from skin tags for. Consider the price and time it takes to work as an investment for your health, happiness, and confidence.

How to use Revitol skin tag remover

Using this skin tag treatment is very simple and easy. All you need to do is apply the dropper to skin tags three times every day to begin seeing results. You can apply it on the go while at work, school, or doing other activities so it isn’t invasive or time-consuming, either.

Final thoughts on this skin tag remover

Revitol easily offers one of the best skin tag treatments available today. You don’t require a prescription or need to go to doctor visits to finally get rid of those stubborn tags!

The natural ingredients are a huge plus, too. You won’t get any nasty side effects that other stronger treatments some times result in like scarring.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Revitol’s skin tag remover today and get rid of those ugly tags once and for all!

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