How to Minimize Large Pores on Cheeks [You Won’t Believe How Fast This Works]

How to Minimize Large Pores on Cheeks [You Won’t Believe How Fast This Works]

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Woah, my cheek pores are huge!”?

Don’t fret. It’s a lot more common than you might think.

While they don’t cause any physical harm, they can wreak havoc on a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Who wants to look at huge craters on someones face all day?

You can think you look like a monster and that everybody is staring at your pores. The reality is that many people are.

If you’re experiencing this, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re all about teaching people how to restore their confidence through skincare and today we’re going to be covering minimizing large cheek pores.

Keep reading if you want to finally say goodbye to big ugly pores!

What causes large pores on cheeks?

There are many different reasons that you may be experiencing large pores on your cheeks. It’s good to understand the causes because it allows you to choose an appropriate treatment which we will be covering later.


Your age plays a large role in overall skin health. Naturally, as you age your skin will become less firm, elastic, and beautiful. There’s little you can do about this besides surgery if it’s the reason you have large pores. Collagen production begins to slow the older you become, contributing to bigger pores, as well.


Some individuals are genetically predisposed to having large pores. No matter what they do, they will be unable to shrink their pores beyond a certain size. However, some people that fall in this category can opt for medical procedures like laser treatment to solve their case.

Warm temperatures

Heat all of types, whether it’s from the weather, water, or a sauna, relax the skin and open up the pores. This results in them looking larger than they normally do in regular conditions. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows for the excess oil and other debris within pores to exit. But it does expand the pore which many people don’t like.

Oily skin

When your skin produces excessive amounts of oil, it clogs and fills up the pore. This expands them and makes them appear much bigger than normal. Some people have naturally oily skin and have to use special products to reduce it.

No matter what reason is causing your large pores, there are several different treatment options that will shrink them and make you feel incredibly confident. Let’s talk about those next.

Large pores on cheeks treatment

Wash your face with cold water

Hot water relaxes the skin and opens up pores. Cold water does the opposite. It causes the pores of your skin to shrink and close which is exactly what you want if you suffer from large pores. Make sure every time you wash your face or shower to splash cold water a few times on your face. Some people opt for placing a cool cloth over their face as they relax, too. A bag of ice or an actual icepack can also be used on the face to achieve the same effect.

Use a cleanser every day

As we’ve mentioned previously, excess oil and debris can cause pores to expand which makes them appear much larger to the everyday eye. You can prevent them from getting large to begin with by cleansing on a daily basis. Cleansers are gels, creams, and foams which get deep into pores to clean out all of the gunk. If there is nothing besides the natural oils in a pore, it will be much smaller and healthier looking. Find a cleanser that suits your skin type and preferably one that includes salicylic acid. It is one of the only acids that is capable of penetrating directly through the oils of the skin.

Exfoliate your skin

Similar to cleansing, exfoliating is the process of using a slightly abrasive ingredient on the skin to shed away dead skin cells and other debris. All of these can get compacted into pores causing them to expand. Exfoliating should be done approximately once per week since your skin doesn’t shed fast enough for daily exfoliating to make sense. Some cleansers use acids and ingredients that are gentle exfoliants, as well. Since you should be cleansing every day, you are technically doing some light exfoliation anyway.

Eat foods that are good for your skin

Your diet plays a massive role in how your skin looks and feels. Eating food that causes inflammation and acne will only make your pores look worse. However, there are many vitamins and minerals you can get into your diet that will help with large pores and skin health. Some of these include vitamin A, C, D, E, biotin, collagen, and antioxidants. Try eating more leafy green vegetables, fruit, seafood, and whole grains. Ensure that you also drink adequate amounts of water for your activity level, too.

Go easy on the moisturizer

Moisturizers are great for hydrating the skin, especially if you suffer from dry skin on a regular basis. But the problem begins when you use too much moisturizer or have oily skin and add extra moisture on top of that. Either way, the result is an oily skin that puts too much product into the pores causing them to enlarge. Try going easy on how much moisturizer you use every day to see if it makes a difference in the size of your cheek pores.

Always wash your face after exercising

Do you workout or play sports? Then you know how sweaty you can get after a good amount of exercise. Sweating is amazing for the skin because it pushes out oil and debris that can become infected and lead to acne. The problem begins when you don’t properly wash your face after exercising which means all of that debris gets stuck in the pore. This causes them to get much bigger. You can avoid this by simply washing your face with warm water and cleanser after you’re done working out. Use cold water as well to shrink the pores.

Do a facial that shrinks large cheek pores

Facials are masks and other cosmetic products that you apply to your face overnight or for a certain amount of time. You then wash it off and it results in smoother feeling skin, smaller pores, and other improvements. Facials you can do at home that are great for cheek pores include honey, oatmeal, baking soda, yogurt, activated charcoal, and egg. Feel free to mix these ingredients into a combination or try them individually.

Pore laser treatment

While natural approaches like the ones we’ve outlined are always the best way to begin, some people don’t find they get any results with them and opt for more serious treatment. Laser treatment is one option to shrink pores and involves using special skin lasers that stimulates collagen production. This can be quite expensive, though. It’s best for anyone that isn’t getting the results they want from other approaches and has a larger budget.

Pore minimizing creams

Wouldn’t it be nice to rub a cream on your face and watch your pores shrink? Well, that’s a lot more accessible than you might think. There are different creams on the market like Revitol’s pore minimizer that use special natural ingredients to improve collagen production, shrink pores, and reduce inflammation. You will see many improvements in your skin with one of the main ones being smaller pores! Read our review on their cream here to learn more about what it can do for you.

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