How to Whiten Body Skin Overnight [Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently]

How to Whiten Body Skin Overnight [Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently]

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you had whiter skin?

It’s one of the most desired traits in the beauty world because it’s the epitome of flawless glowing skin.

You can still have a pretty complexion if you are dark, but nothing is more admired than a clear white complexion.

This is also because blemishes show more easily on pale skin.

If you don’t have any blemishes on white skin it’s that more impressive.

That’s why today we’re going to teach you how to whiten your face and body naturally.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn how to do so.

What is skin lightening?

Skin lightening is the process of whitening your skin tone naturally or through the use of medical procedures and medication. It is done purely for cosmetic and beauty purposes. Many people all around the world aspire to have a lighter complexion, so they use certain methods like we’ll be outlining today to lighten their skin tone.

What determines skin tone?

Your complexion is mostly determined by genetics and the enzyme known as melanin. This is the pigment which is released into the skin and darkens it. Some people have more melanin than others which results in a darker skin tone. African Americans have much more melanin than Asians or Caucasians, for example.

Melanin molecule
The Melanin molecule.

Whether your body produces little or lots of melanin, there are ways to whiten your skin naturally which is the focus of today’s article. It’s also crucial to note that exposure to the sun release melanin so ensure that you wear plenty of sunscreen and avoid the sun if you don’t wish to darken your complexion.

Let’s touch on ways to lighten skin next.

Fast skin whitening tips

Eat skin whitening foods

Your diet plays a very important role in your complexion. Certain foods can reduce wrinkles, lighten skin tone, smooth out scars, and kill acne-causing bacteria. While we recommend that you use a combination of the different skin whitening methods we’ll be explaining today, diet should remain at the core of your practice. Not only will it improve your skin, but it will make you feel and look healthier in so many different ways.

Great foods to eat that lighten skin include:

  1. Lemon: Real lemons and lemon juice contain antioxidants which detox the body. Try adding lemon to water every day to make staying hydrated tastier. You can also use lemon as a topical solution since its abrasive. This will lighten the skin instantly in most cases.
  2. Green tea: This hot drink is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients which reduce redness and spots. Your skin will be lighter and free of blemishes by drinking green tea on a regular basis. Avoid adding sugar as this can cause inflammation which is exactly what you want to avoid when trying to whiten the skin.
  3. Strawberries: The juice of strawberries is commonly used as a topical treatment for whitening skin. The fruit itself is also full of vitamin C which is critical for maintaining healthy skin. Trying eating more strawberries on a regular basis and rubbing one on your skin and washing your face after as a new regimen.
  4. Water: Good old water is more important for skin whitening than you may realize. If you don’t stay hydrated, your skin will become dry, red, flakey, and experience other effects that ultimately make it darker. Make sure that you get adequate water intake depending on your activity level.
  5. Cucumber: Another great ingredient for adding into water every day. Cucumber is commonly used during facials because it lightens skin, heals blemishes, and soothes inflammation.
  6. Sunflower seeds: These tasty seeds are full of vitamin E which is one of the most effective vitamins for improving skin health. It is responsible for healing damaged skin, protecting cells from free radicals, and softening skin texture.
  7. Apples: Who doesn’t like snacking on a good apple? They are full of vitamins and minerals that most importantly stimulate collagen production. Collagen is the amino acid which makes up our skin and helps keep it elastic and firm.
  8. Oranges: Similar to apples, oranges also promote collagen production and contain high amounts of vitamin C which aids in repairing skin tissue.
  9. Garlic: While we wouldn’t recommend biting into a big clove of garlic, it’s easy to mix it into salads, soups, sauces, and various meals. Garlic cleanses the blood, removing toxins and boosting the immune system. The antioxidants found in garlic also aid in the anti-aging process. It will keep your skin looking lighter and younger for many more years.
  10. Spinach: This dark leafy green is one of the best foods for light skin because it contains beta-carotene. This is converted into vitamin A when you eat it which improves complexion, reduces inflammation, and promotes new skin cell growth. Try adding spinach to pasta, rice, or salads to get more of it in your diet.
  11. Kale: Another veggie that’s similar to spinach and can be added to practically any meal possible. Kale smoothies are a delicious treat and can also include other fruits and veggies that offer skin lightening benefits.

Use skin whitening creams

Once you start eating more foods that lighten skin, you should also try out a skin lightening product such as a cream. These are products you apply topically to where you would like to lighten your skin, and you can see results very quickly. There are many skin weighting cream without side effects like Revitol’s whitening cream. Read our review of it here to learn more about what it can do for you.

Besides Revitol, there are other safe skin lightening creams on the market. Keep an eye out for all-natural ingredients and no fragrances. Those are the key traits of good skin cream. Adding in synthetic compounds adds to the chances of side effects and fragrances commonly cause irritation.

Whitening skin with baking soda

Baking soda is a cheap and easy home remedy for exfoliating and skin lightening. Thanks to its naturally abrasive texture, baking soda can be rubbed on the face and body to achieve a smoother and lighter complexion. This works by shedding dead skin cells and revealing the younger skin underneath.

Avoid the sun and wear sunscreen when outdoors

Getting outside is great for your mind and body. But getting a sunburn or dark skin from staying in the sun too long is a real bummer. You see, your body produces melanin to protect the skin when it’s exposed to ultraviolet rays for extended periods of time. The process looks like this:

How melanin works
Source: MedlinePlus

If you’re trying to whiten your skin naturally, it’s best if you avoid staying out in the sun for too long or you will 100% darken your skin and reverse any progress you make with the techniques you’ve learned today. However, you can still enjoy getting outdoors with the use of sunscreen.

Quit smoking and drinking

It’s no secret that smoking anything and drinking alcohol isn’t good for the skin. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that age you faster, slow down skin repair, and inflame the body. These are all factors you do not want when attempting to lighten skin complexion.

The same goes for alcohol. While it’s okay to have a glass of red wine or the occasional drink with friends, consistent binge drinking hurts the body and skin in many ways. The main way it does so is by dehydrating you. This means that your skin, which is the largest organ you have, will not get the hydration it needs to stay in a healthy condition. Furthermore, alcohol prevents skin from getting the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Wrapping up skin lightening methods

Wanting to have a lighter complexion is completely normal and very achievable for most people. We recommend beginning by cleaning up your diet because what you eat has a huge impact on skin health. Drink more water, get in fruits and veggies, and try to consume increased amounts of antioxidants. All of these work together to lighten skin tone, reduce inflammation, and prevent blemishes.

Skin whitening creams like Revitol’s brightening cream are effective topical products that will lighten skin wherever you apply them. Try using these every day or as recommended by the product’s label on top of other strategies. The more things you do at once to lighten your skin, the more results you’ll see!

Next, you should also consider exfoliating on a regular basis with a household ingredient like baking soda. This reveals the younger skin underneath the existing layer. Make sure to wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors and avoid excess sun exposure while you’re at it. Besides that, reduce how often you drink or smoke since they contribute to skin problems.

What’s your #1 tip for brightening skin?

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